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What are the differences between Absilone and “Do It Yourself” distribution platforms?

These platforms are primarily intended for producers and artists in DIY who are not large enough (in number of titles but especially in audience size) to be able to discuss directly with aggregators .

They operate on the principle of giving customers maximum autonomy by letting them manage as many steps as possible in the online process.

So the accompaniment is minimal and all options are usually paid for.

Finally, they offer most of their services in exchange for an annual fee, a fixed amount to be paid, or a firm and irrevocable option on all or part of your assets, regardless of your future digital revenue.
If you generate less money than the cost of the service, you lose money.

Absilone’s clients:
– get real support throughout the online process (including metadata management and verification)
receive marketing advice and support.
Don’t pay any money to put their music online: we operate on the basis of a percentage of commission on your revenue. If you don’t generate anything, we don’t earn anything and we may have worked for nothing. But if we collaborate together it is because we want to register with you in the long term!

How much do Absilone’s services cost?

It depends on the services we are talking about.

We operate globally on the basis of a percentage of commission on revenue generated.

This applies in particular to the distribution and optional management of other rights.

Why work with Absilone?

There are many good reasons to entrust us with the exploitation of your masters or the management of your rights.

Joining us means

  • take advantage of our constant technological intelligence in terms of marketing or new markets
  • be part of an important catalogue that allows you to be stronger than on your own, and that guarantees that your interest will be defended, especially in terms of royalty rates negotiated with aggregators or the vigilance we have towards platforms
  • get support, advice and strategies on all stages of your project

What are the conditions for working with you?

Let’s talk, let’s trade!  We have no reluctance to work with developing projects, quite the contrary.

We are as interested in the projects as we are in the people behind the projects. We’ll be happy to help you provide all the services you need to focus on your core business.

Who are the people who work at Absilone?

The Absilone team consists of people from diverse backgrounds who all have the experience of having managed other structures (phonographic producers, labels, bookers, publishers, marketers, artists or computer scientists), forming a pool of 360-degree business skills at the service of our clients’ projects.

Does Absilone only work with French artists or structures?

Not! We manage the interests of artists/producers/labels or publishers based throughout Europe and the United Kingdom, but also in Canada, the United States, Japan or the African continent.

Our strategies and tools apply regardless of the country of origin of the project or the audience.

How long has Absilone been around?

Absilone was founded in 2002 and in 18 years has developed a catalogue of more than 80,000 titles in distribution.

If we expand to our rights management services, this represents more than 800 structures that are accompanied daily by Absilone!

Are you looking for a partner to help you grow your audience, or to capitalize on your masters  ?

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