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Absilone : votre agence marketing , votre développeur d'audience

Marketing, audience, fan base and promotion

Find your audience

Emerging projects, we help you find your audience on streaming platforms.  We aim not to generate the “buzz” fast but to create a solid audience base on which to build on your career development.  We work with you to define a clean strategy, and provide resources and tools.

Expand your audience

We provide you with our know-how, resources and databases to help you grow your audience.  We set up long-term campaigns with you, serving the artist’s brand, combining technology, e-commerce marketing approach and business vision.

Engage your audience

Once your audience is identified and expanded, we help you convert it, whether it’s encouraging them to listen to a new release, encouraging them to buy a concert seat, or monetizing your back catalog.  We use all possible advertising channels, in accordance with your strategy, your image and your aesthetics.

Absilone, your marketing agency

[ Pour nos clients en distribution seulement ! ]Being present on music platforms is not enough.  Use our services and resources to directly find and reach an audience that listens to and loves your music.

Confiez-nous votre développement

They trust Absilone

Ils ont confié à Absilone leurs éditions, leur distribution, la gestion de leurs droits et/ou leur marketing numérique


  • Mathias Duplessy
  • Saavan
  • Manu Dibango
  • Guillaume Poncelet
  • René Aubry
  • Donald Shaw/ Capercaillie
  • Kyrie Kristmanson
  • Tony Paeleman
  • Abaji
  • Feloche
  • Marc Berthoumieux
  • Mickael Pouvin
  • Claire Faravarjoo
  • Ablaye Cissoko
  • Benjamin Schoos
  • Sarah Lancman
  • Moonlight Benjamin
  • Karan Casey
  • Dreamers Circus
  • Erol Josué
  • Elephant Sessions
  • Seyes
  • Ilaria Graziano – Francesco Forni
  • Yilian Canizares
  • Habib Koité
  • Tchalik Quintet
  • Mickael McGoldrick
  • Karen Matheson
  • Tangled Tape
  • Jean-Pierre Como
  • Alfio Origlio
  • Cleo T
  • Elodie Milo
  • Matthis Pascaud
  • Clover Trio
  • Makja
  • Thomas Kahn
  • Aywa
  • Denis Levaillant
  • René Lacaille
  • Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand National Orchestra
  • Antoine “Tato” Garcia
  • Tina Mweni
  • (…)
  • and many more!

Labels, publishers and producers

  • Freaksville Records (Be)
  • Unizon (Fr)
  • Black Milk Music (Bmm)
  • Vertical Records (Uk)
  • Virago (Ca)
  • Igloo Sowarex (Be)
  • Counter-Day (Be)
  • Star Prod / Jazz Eleven (Fr)
  • Vlad Production (Fr)
  • Ma Case (Fr)
  • Muziekpublique (Be)
  • Musigamy (Fr)
  • Sheer Publishing (Sa)
  • Imago (Fr)
  • Diapason (Fr)
  • Dièse 14 (Fr)
  • Lamastrock (Fr)
  • Fat Tuesday (Fr)
  • Galileo (From)
  • La Clique Prod (Fr)
  • The Maxiphone (Fr)
  • Xialam Animation (Fr)
  • Music Box Publishing
  • Metiss Nights (Fr)
  • Eleven Hour Eleven (Fr)
  • Patch Work Production (Fr)
  • Shed (Fr)
  • Sostuneto (Fr)
  • Under the City (Fr)
  • Vibrations on the Wire (Fr)
  • We see music (Fr)
  • Wepresent (Fr)
  • Karu Prod (Fr)
  • Geomuse (Fr)
  • (…)
  • and many more!

Are you looking for a partner to operate your masters and works, or to help you develop your audience?

Nos autres services et prestations

Distribution numérique & physique, édition, gestion de droits, marketing numérique